Launching in Bali


Balinese Philosophy

Balinese live by the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana. Hawaii has aloha, Costa Rica has pura vida, and Bali has Tri Hita Karana. Literally translating to “three causes of well-being,” Tri Hita Karana means harmony with God, harmony with nature, and harmony with the community.


Traditional Thursdays

Thursdays in Bali are traditional – it’s the law. Apparently, the governor had issued a decree requiring people to wear traditional clothing and speak only Balinese on Thursdays, in an effort to preserve the island’s heritage.


Children Names

The Balinese traditionally had four children, so there are four common names: Wayan, Made, Niyoman, and Ketut. Those with bigger families would start over again, naming the fifth child Wayan.



Bali has the world’s most expensive coffee.


Famous People in Bali

Barack Obama wrote his first book in Bali. In 1993, Barack Obama spent a month there, on Bali’s east coast, writing the first draft of Dreams from My Father.

Also Bowie’s Final Resting Place. David Bowie requested in his will that his ashes be scattered in Bali in a Buddhist ritual. There are some press reports that his family had fulfilled these wishes in a closed ceremony, though these are unconfirmed.

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